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Logan Issues with Internet Explorer

A few people have been having issues logging into the site with Internet Explorer.  I'm currently working on a fix for this.  In the mean time please delete your browers cache, history, and give it another try.  Still have problems? Please contact me via E-mail. -Troy

Site upgrade

Working on some website upgrades. I hope to have something up for testing this month.  Again if anyone is having any problems please contact me. -Troy

Server Upgrade

Today I upgraded the site to a sever with twice the power as the last one.  I hope this will decrease the page load times during heavy traffic nights.  More news to come later. -Troy

New Poker Flat Rockets for 2015

Anyone that is interested in more Poker Flat Rockets should read this article that was posted in the local paper a few days ago. -Troy

Back online for the 2014-15 season.

Today I was finally able to fix my DNS issues and restart the camera for the 2014-15 season. Lets hope its another great year for the aurora. More news to come soon. -Troy

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Sample Video

Sample Video

Latest Message: 1 hour, 45 minutes ago
  • Hasbro : Thanks for all you do.
  • Hasbro : No worries. I know you're well connected with the power folks, but some things are unavoidable. Always a pleasure to stop by whether the aurora or the cam system are cooperating or not!
  • Troy : I will have it back online for tomorrow.
  • Troy : Sorry the live stream is dead tonight. I believe we had a large power outage last night. Anything over 2hrs will will the live camera.
  • Hasbro : No wonder I'm the only 1 here....
  • Hasbro : What the...I say what the...I say what the heck...I am the only 1 in here & the black screen says, "Stream not found: livestream."
  • Kbwhat : Keep those lights coming for the Week!!!
  • Troy : looks like a good start for only 9:30pm here
  • Troy : that would be my guess. I didn't see it
  • Myra : Just saw a light move from north to west was it a plane?
  • Troy : big snow storm the last week. I will try to get the snow off the camera here soon.
  • george2624 : Nice aurora and stars! Very cold in AK!
  • Kbwhat : I'll be up there the first week of December - hoping for the lights to be out!
  • soirked58@ho : I have been watching. I watch TOO MUCH lol
  • Myra : color behind the clouds
  • george2624 : Just thinking the same thing Myra! Big Dipper and aurora!
  • Myra : Real nice
  • soirked58@ho : this fascinates me
  • Troy : little aurora starting up to the lower left.
  • soirked58@ho : I saw them, I saw them. Have been checking nightly past week. Happy to see activity this morning! THANKS!

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